Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This and That.

 Grandma and Wyatt love each other.  :)

Wyatt tied up a sprinkler above the trampoline and he and Jethro and Tyson jumped around.  (FYI, the trampoline is now dead--my mom told me it split down the middle. RIP)

I'm crying right now I miss this freezer so much.

This boy is so cute.  And whoever designed this baby saucer was Legit because that little rubbery chewy thingee was perfect-- Wyatt loved it.

Jack Jack and Orrin.  They're so cute!

The most horses I've ever seen being ridden around the corral at one time.  We had a borrowed horse too.  Megan's kids and Derek's kids and my kids were among the riders.


emily ballard said...

I wish I had a freezer that looked like that right now. . .

Anonymous said...

All the pics are good and what a summer we had!!:)
I love that baby ... Wyatt. He is so cute!!! that smile is so adorable in that baby saucer. I just want to kiss and hug him again.!!! He will not be the perfect size when I see him again... sniff, sniff. He will be all grown up!!
Love you. Hope you are having a fabulous time in Greece. Mom

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