Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another day in a Grecian Paradise

So this day we walked in Tripiti up to the windmills.

Then we walked down to the Catacombs but alas they were not open.  So we did not see them.

We did see the ancient theater.  It is under construction, so you can't go very close.

But the view was nice anyway.

Then we went to what I think was my favorite beach.  Well, maybe tied with Sarakiniko.  Well, maybe Sarakiniko wins a little... but still, I looooved Tsigrado.  Part of the reason I loved it was that you see how gorgeous it is from up top...

and then you have to climb down to it through this little cliff.  It's steep and narrow but there is a rope to hold and at the bottom a ladder, so it's not really difficult.

It was however, a little too difficult to take a sleeping baby in a carseat through, so after this picture I went back to the jeep and got the backpack.  There was just one couple down there, and when we came down with a baby the lady grabbed a camera and took pictures.  Also when we left and started climbing back up.  Impressive I guess.  Or stupid...  ;)

Brett swimming.

Wyatt's first dip in the sea!!!  He didn't like it at first and cried, but got used to it after a couple minutes.  

I swam through this cave and then I told Brett to.  It was a short cave, but because it was narrow and the water really goes up and down a lot it was pretty exciting.

And I went through it again.

Oh, Tsigrado... I LOOVE you.

But there were more beaches to explore, so we left and drove to a nearby beach that I forgot the name of.

Here's our jeep.

This beach had more people on it, and several of them were naked.  We took a quick dip but left soon after.

That's when we got lost.  Well, not really lost because it's a tiny island and you can't really get lost, but we tried to get to a different beach by using the teeny dirt roads instead of going back up to the paved roads.  So then of course we were out in the middle of the boonies, and not sure of which roads to take because obviously none of them are marked.  And then we came upon the inactive volcano.  It's hard to see, but there is smoke blowing out of a hole in the middle of this picture.  It is green and smells bad and has made the rocks around it green.

It was pretty cool.  Milos is a geologist's mecca.

This is what Milos looks like, by and large. Dry and barren.


We did find our way to the beach eventually.  There is a little restaurant there that cooks food in the ground using the heat of the volcanic sand.

We lounged around, Brett took a dip, Wyatt ate sand, we collected smooth white pebbles (because there is something about smooth white pebbles that just demands that you collect them), and basked in the golden glow of the setting sun.

(Had to do this picture at least once, right?)

This kid was always so happy when he got to his little tubby, so I had to take pictures again.  We think a bit of sand scratched his eye, because for the next several days it was red and looked sore.  So sad.

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Rachael said...

I'm loving the pics of your dreamy vacation! You look so relaxed and totally gorgeous. Please tell me that if I ever have six children I'll look as fantastic as you do!

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