Sunday, October 13, 2013

Heidi and Heidi's sister and Peter

 Here are the pictures Kami has been waiting for for about oh, nine or ten months, maybe more.  Honestly, she made the girls these 'Heidi' dresses (just because she's nice and amazing and felt that the girls should have Heidi dresses since they live in Switzerland!) before Wyatt was born and has asked for pictures ever since.  My excuse that  I had had just had a baby was a pretty good one for a while, and then I was waiting for good weather, which was completely absent the whole spring of this year, and then there was no time before we left for the States (and I was more interested in making sure I got these pictures done).

But finally, after we got back to Switzerland, we put the kids in their sweet little Swiss outfits (actually Talmage's is Tirolean, not Swiss, and the girls' dresses aren't authentic, but I'm pretending they're all Swiss) and headed to Ballenberg.  We were there once before, but it was quite a while ago.

I'd like to just say up front that I was IN LOVE with how cute Talmage looked in his lederhosen and couldn't keep my eyes or camera lens off him.  I want to dress him in them every day.

This was when my mom was still hanging out with us so it was fun that she could come too.  (I have given up going in chronological order for now.)  It was funny that when we parked the van and started walking into the park, we realized we had left Orrin in it.  It was for a minute or less, but still kind of funny.

So, on to the pictures.

Mom played the pump organ. 

Orrin coloring on a piece of slate.

The room where we tried on clothes- this hat was the perfect accent to Talmage's outfit.

And we totally dressed Wyatt up in a little dress-- he was adorable! :)

Miss Mills replied, on general principles, that the Cottage of content was better than the Palace of cold splendour, and that where love was, all was. 
-Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

Hazel found an informational sign all about herself!

This picture is for Dad- because it is a pack-horse getup.

Jethro hammering a nail at the blacksmith's shop.

Heidi at Grandfather's house.  :)

This picture is for Andrea- these are very VERY large wheat grinders.

Hazel bought a little bookmark at the weaving shop.

Heidi with Grandfather's goats.

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Kami said...

Leo said, "I didn't know that in Switzerland they had chickens that little." Meaning the chicken sitting on Hazel's shoulder. ;)

I said, " I LOVE IT!!!!!" THank you thank you thank you for finally posting adorable pictures. AHhhh... I love the goats pictures. And I have to say, Talmage IS stinking adorable!!!

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