Thursday, October 24, 2013

Boat trip to Poliegos

On this day we took a boat trip to a neighboring island Poliegos.

This was the advertising picture:

This is Andreas, our brave captain.



Turns out that advertising picture is not photoshopped.  The Blue Bay is amazingly, incredibly blue.

We took a dip.

I climbed up the rock and jumped off!!  Woohoo!  (Okay, not from the very top, cause that would be way too scary.)

Brett found this dried up baby sea turtle on the beach where we stopped for lunch.  We named him Poor Percy and brought him home because we're awesome parents and knew our kids would love a pet.

Lunch was delicious.

Wyatt slept the entire ride home on the little bed down in the berth.


Alyse and Carlos said...

Your pictures are AMAZING. Keep them coming!

Lynn said...

I just LOVE reading about your adventures. What a blessing to have seen all these GORGEOUS places in person. Can't wait to read more. THanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Eli said, in reference to the blue water, "That's gorgeous."

I concur.

Christal said...

Seriously guess i'm just going to live through you!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about your adventures so beautiful!!! Love it all!

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