Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wintery things.

These pictures are from earlier in the month, before it warmed up and just started raining and raining and melted all the pretty snow.  But we did have some for a while.

IMGP0372 IMGP0378 IMGP0381 IMGP0386 IMGP0388 

Here’s Talmage ready for Waldspielgruppe.



On our way to Talmage’s Waldspielgruppe Weinachtsfeier (his play group’s little Christmas celebration).  I don’t know why Ethne got on her gum boots instead of her snow boots, but it sure looks funny.

IMGP0419 IMGP0424

The kids had a great time FLYING down the slide.  The first time Talmage went down he almost flipped out.


There were goodies and warm cider.


And then the kids gathered and sang some songs and said a little poem, and Talmage joined in with hand motions.  :)

IMGP0440 IMGP0444 IMGP0453

And then they got their gifts that they had made and gave them to us.

IMGP0454 IMGP0457 IMGP0460 IMGP0461 IMGP0464   IMGP0512

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Andrea said...

First off, I love all of your photos as always. Kids are adorable and everything looks so festive and fun.

Second, can you tell me about Talmage's snowsuit? Brand? Did you buy it there or find it there? We inherited a 3T full suit like that from Land's End from long ago...but I'm afraid Kate is grown out of it now and I swear by the full suits for the younger kids. I'm not sure Jess will want to wear a purple one. He may not have a choice. :)

P.S. Shelane is awesome. Thanks again for the referral!

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