Monday, December 3, 2012

I love Sundays.

-I just really love Sundays and I wish we could have two of them in a row every week.  One just doesn’t seem like enough.  Mostly I love that Brett is home, I can cuddle with him and we can enjoy our cute kids together, with nowhere to be and nothing to do but be all together (after church that is—church can actually be quite stressful sometimes). 

-Tonight I laid down by Talmage in bed for a few minutes, and we had this exchange:

Me to Talmage: You're my favorite 4-year-old!
Talmage: How old are you again?
Me: 29.
Talmage: And I also love you, 29-girl.


-Yesterday I said something about Orrin, but I accidentally said Talmage (I do this pretty much ALL THE TIME), and Brett said, “You mean Orrin.”  And I said, “Right.”  And he said, “You need to learn the names of our kids.”  And then Talmage said, “Yeah—I’m Talmage, and that” –pointing to Orrin-- “is Talmage.”  Then the funniest look came over his face when he realized what he had said.  And he smiled sheepishly and said, “I guess I also need to learn the names of the kids.”

-Yesterday in church Ethne leaned over to me and asked, “Do we really have to marry someone in our church?”  And I said yes.  And she said, “Aww man!”  and I said “Why?”  And she looked all dejected and said, “Because the boy I’m in love with isn’t in our church.”  And then as an afterthought, “And he’s not in love with me.”  Big relationship challenges for such a young girl.

So then at lunch time I asked her more about who this boy is that she’s in love with, and Hazel said, “I know who she’s in love with.”  And Ethne started squawking at her to be quiet.  And Hazel said, “It’s Cedric, a blonde boy from the first grade.”  And Ethne was all mad that her secret was out.  And Hazel said, “And when we’re walking home and he walks by, Ethne goes ‘aawwwww’ (with big eyelash batting –type of expression).”  Ha ha, it was so funny, but REALLY?  That Ethne is really going to give us a run for our money, I just know it.

-Completely out of the blue one day Talmage said, “The longer your beard is, the longer it takes to stroke.”  Words of wisdom from a man who knows how to stroke a beard?

-So the other day Talmage was wearing a hoodie and had the hood up and as we hurried outside to the van, the wind blew it off and he exclaimed, "The wind blew my snappy cap off!" I knew I had heard that somewhere, but it took a second to remember it's from the picture book 'Dandelion.' Had to laugh.

-Orrin now says ‘mo’ for ‘no’ in addition to ‘wah’ for ‘yeah.’ 

-The other day I was talking on the phone to Amy and all of the sudden she was like, "DANGIT!   Mom has so many diverse amazing skills, why didn't I get any of them?"   and I was a little lost, so she explained that she was trying to put some leftovers into a bowl, but she had gauged it wrong and it wouldn't fit, so now she'd have to wash another bowl.   And she said, "I need Mom's incredible ability to ALWAYS know which bowl is the perfect fit!" 

I have more things to write about, such as the Thanksgiving dinner we had on Saturday, but for now, that’s all.  I’ve got to keep going to bed on time to try to avoid getting sick.

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Kami said...

I read a bunch of your post to Leo and he and I were both laughing. He said, "Why would should be surprised about the beard stroking comment? That sounds like something Kayli would say." Ha. Ha. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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