Thursday, December 13, 2012

Books for Boys

So, after I posted about books for little girls, my sister-in-law asked if I would do a post for boys.  As I try always to listen to my oldest siblings (the rest aren’t as important ;) ), here it is.  The only thing is, this is almost purely from Jethro, because well, I’m pretty firmly fixed in the more girly side of things.  Not that some books of course can cross the gender line, but once again, what I’m saying is that these are recommendations from Jethro (who is an ACTUAL boy), and not from me.  Oh, and also, Jethro has a high reading level, and I haven’t put these in any sort of age or reading level order.

Jethro’s favorite books (with a 3 star rating):

1. Ranger’s Apprentice Series ***

By John Flanagan.  Mostly everyone in my family has this whole series, and everyone loves it, not just the kids.  In fact, John Flanagan’s next series which I believe also happen in the same world as Ranger’s Apprentice is my brother Derek’s latest favorite books.  Those are called the Brotherband Chronicles, and Jethro has read the first 3 and loves them as well.

2.  Harry Potter  ***

Somehow I feel like these need no commentary.  I don’t even know how many times Jethro has read these.  We have a few of them in German too- what a great way to increase vocab!

3.  Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series ***

This was a gift from Jethro’s cousin Myles who loved them, and Jethro also loved them.  So so much.  And Brett read them too and tells me they’re good.

4.  Lord of the Rings ***

5.  Bartimaeus Trilogy***

We actually listened to the first of these on a trip, but it was in German, so I still can’t say if they’re good or not.  But Jethro and Brett both endorse them.  (Yes, Jethro loves fantasty books.)

6.  Redwall books:   Mossflower ***    Redwall**  Mattimeo**

I don’t even know how many Redwall books there are—a ton, anyway.  Jethro only has a few, but he really likes them.  Also, I have to say that the animated series is awesome too and all my kids like it.

7.  The War to End All Wars- World War 1 ***

Jethro was really into learning about wars, and this non-fiction book was a really good overview of WWI.  I read it too because I wanted to increase my own knowledge, but found it to be rather non-fictionish.  :)  Goes to show I’m not a boy who spends all his doodle time drawing planes dropping bombs and bloody stick-men soldiers throwing grenades.  Because if I were, I guess I would also give it 3 stars. (You can click on the picture for this one to read more about it on goodreads.)

8.  True Spy Stories *

The Dark Game: True Spy Stories from Invisible Ink to CIA Moles

Another one for if you’re interested in non-fiction, interesting boy stuff.  You can click the picture on this one too.

9.  Chronicles of Narnia **

The Chronicles Of Narnia (The Chronicles Of Narnia)

When we moved here these books were about the only ones we had.  Jethro read them over and over and over and over and over.  I think the reason he didn’t give them 3 stars is because it’s been a while since he was so into them.

10.  Septimus Heap Series **

11.  City of Ember Series (I don’t know how many stars this or the following book would get, because he added them later and forgot to do stars.)

12.  King of the Wind

King of the Wind

And that’s what he remembered at the moment.  Here are a few other ones I can vouch for personally:

Castle in the Attic –Elizabeth Winthrop

The Horse-Tamer –Walter Farley

Rascal – Sterling North, also The Wolfling by the same author

Gentle Ben – Walt Morey

Johnny Tremain- Esther Forbes

Rifles for Watie- Harold Keith

Indian in the Cupboard Books –Lynne Reid Banks

Any by Kenneth Thomasma

The Chronicles of Prydain –Lloyd Alexander

The Dark is Rising Series –Susan Cooper

Ummmm, okay, I think that’s all I can think of right now.  I hope it gives you some ideas.  If you have any recommendations- leave a comment!  :)


The Haws Family said...

The Prydain Chronicles is STILL Sterling's favorite and he'll pick them up and read them all the time just because he loves them so much.

Kami said...

I liked this list. Haven't read them all, but the ones I have I really liked.

Kami said...

Oh, you should have him start reading Alistair Maclean. Seriously. Best war stories ever.

Andrea said...

Does three stars = a good score or is it out of 5 stars or something. Really, I'm going to be offended if he didn't give Ranger's Apprentice full stars. I introduced the family to the series, after all.

You need to add Mike Lupica books to your list. They. Are. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Walter Farley - the Black stallion series, Any of JIm Kjelgaard's (Sp?), Lost in the Barrens. FOG

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