Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stephanstag (aka Boxing Day, aka The Day After Christmas)

Ice skating!

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It was wonderful!  Talmage had skates that had two blades instead of one, so it wasn’t hard to balance.  Plus the push-thingees were super fun for everyone.  I didn’t skate, which was fine because I got to take pictures and keep Orrin with me most of the time, but I just loved watching everyone and Brett was so good-looking and I was so happy that he is such a good dad and I just fell more in love with him and the kids were so happy and it was fun.

Best quote of the day— Ethne:  “Don’t go over there Dad (where the sun was hitting and there was a watery sheen on top of the ice), because I can’t swim.” 

Ha ha!

The kids just looked at these pictures and said, “It looks so easy when you look at the pictures.”  :)

And here’s a little video of Brett and I iceskating:

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Kami said...

That was awesome!! You two are amazing skaters. And you're kids are pretty cute too.

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