Friday, December 7, 2012

Orrin is two!

Happy second birthday to my baby boy that I love so much!!

Aug 12

His birthday is the 5th but we actually celebrated on the 4th because Brett was going to be in meetings on the 5th.  I was really not going to do much in the way of party-ish things, but then I started feeling bad, so I started looking at ideas for party hats at the last minute and decided to make some really quick.


And then when I was getting the paper from our paper stash, I found these adorable animal pictures Hazel had drawn a while ago, so I decided they would make excellent decorations, and voila—the party was awesome, just like that.  :)


Orrin seemed unimpressed with, and sometimes even a bit frightened of his sparkler.  :)

IMGP0244 IMGP0247IMGP0249 IMGP0252 IMGP0259

For dinner we had french toast and scrambled eggs, and for his dessert we had brownies with icecream and chocolate sauce on top.  Delicious.

All the kids wearing their hats—so cute!  Once again though, Orrin looks unenthusiastic—Brett got everyone to smile really great except him.


Not loving the love.

IMGP0279 IMGP0281 IMGP0282 IMGP0283 IMGP0285 IMGP0287 IMGP0288 IMGP0306

About the ONLY picture in which he is showing a bit of excitement, even though I promise he really was having a good time!  But he was reallly happy to get his construction set and his fire truck car.


Brett was super excited with the construction set too.  :)


The best place to drive your vehicles is on your dad.  :)

IMGP0346 IMGP0355 IMGP0365

I love my Orrin!  And he looooves cars!

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Kris said...

happy birthday, Orrin!

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