Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Playing the Comparison Game.

And what fun it is!  Seriously, I totally missed out when I didn’t tell people about Orrin.  You see, my little wee sister Lindsay is due six days after me, and she just posted pictures of her belly on her blog (you can see them here).  So of course, that made me want to take pictures so we can all compare.  I think we’re actually pretty close, with me leaning towards being bigger, but then again, she’s only on her second, and I’m on my sixth—that buys me a little, no LOT, of slack.  If she were on her first pregnancy, I would not be playing this game.  :)

Oh, and I promise the only reason I did my hair was BECAUSE I was going to take pictures.  In fact, on Lindsay’s post I commented that “Do you think I don't know how to do hair anymore because I haven't for so long that I have lost the skill? Or is it that I never had the skill to begin with, but at least before I occasionally tried and so sometimes got lucky by accident? hmmm.”  So I actually feel pretty good right now, because now that I’ve done my hair nicely, I can go for another six-seven-eight months or so without doing it again.  :)


By the way, these pictures were taken with my awesome home photography studio setup, meaning I precariously stacked a chair on top of another chair, and then an overturned toy box, and then set the camera on it and told Talmage to click the button.  He did great.  Unfortunately, I’m annoyed how our window makes it so that the sun comes in bright, but only to a certain height, and then it’s quite a lot darker—thereby making my white shirt really bright while my head is dark.  Oh well.  Also, I should get rid of our dead tree.  The things one notices in pictures that one has stopped noticing in real life.

Cutest little boy!!  And look, he’s actually smiling and not glaring a menacing glare!  (See Ans, it does happen!)


I have a rule only to kiss very handsome men.

IMGP7835 IMGP7842

Mom-that is ENOUGH kissing!!

IMGP7843 IMGP7858


Okay, I know that was already about a million too many pictures of myself, I have to show one more to point out how much the angle really matters in these how-big-is-your-belly pictures.  According to this one, my belly is huge! :


And here’s Hazel this morning before school.  It was really dark (and raining torrents) so I was trying to use the flash and bounce it off the ceiling.  It didn’t work the first few tries.


She’s so cute.  I think I’m going to cut a few inches off her hair soon.


And I made some playdough for these two and they had a super time playing with it and then throwing it everywhere.  And it smelled really wonderful because I used this special ‘Cinnamon Spice Playdough.’

IMGP7913 IMGP7914

Two Talmage funnies:

Talmage and I were kissing Orrin (much to his chagrin) and Talmage said, "I just love him! Because he's sooo wimpy!" I think he meant soft, or snuggly, or some other adjective for cute babies, but wimpy works.

Tonight at dinner Talmage was quite full and didn’t want to finish everything on his plate (which is actually quite unusual, he’s a really good eater), and he said, “I’m completely out of hungry!”

And that’s it.


Steve and Katrina said...

I must try that playdough recipe. I rather dislike the smell when I make playdough but this sounds wonderful.

You are cute. I love seeing belly pictures. When are you going to find out the gender?? I thought you said it would be soon and it sounds like your sister already knows her's. Anyway, the angle does matter because some of the ones with you holding Orrin you don't even look pregnant.

Anonymous said...

You have a super nice wooden high chair over there. Is that the type that grows along with your child (something similar to Stokke)? I like it a lot!

Kayli said...

I'm actually not sure what kind of high chair it is... I got it at a second-hand store, and there's no brand on it that I can see anywhere. But thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't see it very well on that photos, but if it has a row of little holes or notches aligned on both sides of its frame right below the seat and the footrest then it is the one that grows with the child, so basically all you have to do is to change the level of the seat and footrest according to the current size of the child as he or she grows to fit in. Such high chairs can be used from 6 months on until the kid is school age or older (even an adult can use it as an extra chair). The feeding tray should be also fully removable, so that you can put the high chair directly by the table and let the child share the mealtime together with the rest of the family. That's how these European wooden high chairs mostly work (well not all of them, but there's a great chance that your does :) so check for these notches/holes/or whatever it takes to adjust its hight to your children's needs). I mean, there is a chance it may work this way:
Besides it looks very sturdy and sleek. Seems like a great deal. :)

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