Thursday, September 13, 2012


So on Saturday our ward had a waterskiing activity.  It was perfect weather- maybe the last summer weather of the year? sniff sniff sniiiiiiff.  Anyway, noone had a boat, we skied the boatless way.  What, you’ve never heard of boatless skiing?  Neither had I.  You just need some ski-lift type cables in the water, and you sit on the dock and then when your rope gets going, you follow it around.  Our ward rented the whole setup for the morning.  Here’s Brett on the wakeboard.

DSC07930 DSC07931 DSC07929DSC07932

Hazel thought she’d give the kneeboard a try.


She got this far, and then chickened out.  :)

hazelski jethroandethne

These two boys are just sooooo cute spectating.

DSC07936 DSC07938 DSC07940

Jethro kneeboarded like a pro!  For the first little while, until he fell off.  :)

DSC07941 DSC07943 DSC07944

Brett on the wakeboard again.  He skied, wakeboarded, slalomed, and surfed.

DSC07947 DSC07948 DSC07949

Then we all played in the water and sand and had a barbeque.

DSC07950 DSC07953 DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07961


Sarah Harward said...

How fun! And that last picture of the girls is just TOO cute!!

emily ballard said...

I have never heard of such a thing. . . so cool. I love how confident Hazel looks putting on her lifejacket and then the next picture. . . not so much :)

emily ballard said...

I just asked Steve if he'd ever heard of boatless water skiing. . . he said one of the mayoral candidates wanted to put one of these in downtown Ogden.

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