Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday in Mont Vully.

So Sunday morning Ethne threw up a little, so Brett stayed home with her since I was giving Sharing Time.  And Orrin stayed home too because, he’s 1 and a half and prefers napping to church.  By the way, church with three semi-older kids WITHOUT the little 21-month-old is SOOOO easy.  Usually church makes me so tired I feel like I’ve been doing a workout for 3 hours, but not so much without Orrin.  :)

Anyway, when we came home we decided to go on a walk.  I had read a bit about some caves made during WWI that are by Murtensee, which isn’t far from our house, so off we went.  First we made a quick stop and looked for a geocache, which was right off the road and Hazel found it in about 1 minute.  Then we continued on to a parking spot by this nice viewing area of the lake.  It was a very popular spot, at least on Sunday afternoon, with lots of people picnicking and grilling.  We took in the view, and walked on the trail for a little ways.


We never found anything like caves, so I stopped two old ladies walking by, and asked them if they were familiar with the area and if they could tell us where the caves were.  Which they were and did.  They were very nice and loved that we had five kids and chatted about where we were from and where Brett worked, etc.  So then we drove to the restaurant and walked down the short trail to the caves.  Then we got out our lights and explored them.  This is what I read about the caves online:  “It’s a World War 1 military defensive position carved into a sandstone deposit on the hills overlooking the lake.. This is a fairly extensive network of carved out tunnels and rooms established as a machine gun position that was a part of the Swiss defensive posture of the central Plateau.”  There was a board with info, but it was in German and French.


Why does Orrin always make this face? 


We got this jelaba jacket thingee for Talmage from Morocco.  I don’t think we ever showed pictures of it before.


Right after I took these pictures of Ethne she slipped and slid all the way down, but she was fine.


It’s so pretty over in that region—Brett and both said it almost looks like a different country with all the vineyards and everything.


Then we went home and made a pizza in record time because everyone was starving.  It was delicious, and we ate every last crumb.

What a wonderful weekend.  My favorite kind.

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