Friday, October 8, 2010

German songs and two random facts about Switzerland.

Jethro didn’t pick up on my ‘smile!’ hints, hee hee. But he does know the words and sings on tune.

This girl is very cute. (By the way, I can only help her with the words because the music- including words- is right in front of me.)

1. Mustard and mayonnaise come in tubes, much like toothpaste tubes.

image 2. At stoplights there is a yellow light after red and before green (as well as before red of course). It’s pretty cool because you can get started before it actually turns green.



Rockelle said...

Kayli, I really think I am going to come and visit you!
Beautiful places, and you certainly have a beautiful family!
Love, Rocki

Lynn said...

Love it! They can put that on their resume's when they come back to live in the US. I just think it's so COOL that they already know another language. So envious. And I totally agree with Rockelle!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the kids on singing! They are so cute!! It is wonderful to hear their voices and see them - like Hazel kicking her leg and rolling her pant leg - all at the same time. Love you Mom R.

Christal said...

oh my gosh your kids are adorable kids pick up on language far easier then us adults eh!! So cute! Love the toothpaste looking condiments! Such fun differences!

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