Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Answers to questions.

I actually wrote this whole post out last night and then it got eaten.  It was frustrating.  So just know that my answers were much more clever the first time around.  ;)

1.  The bear pit is gone?/Why did they change it?

It’s not gone, there are just no longer any bears living in it.  Now they live in the much larger, more natural, more bear-friendly Bear Park which is right by it.  The park cost some millions of dollars to build, and I’m sure it was to do with animal rights activist’s concerns about the bears living in a concrete pit.  But don’t quote me on that.

2.  Can we crash on your floor?

Yes!  Anyone and everyone is VERY welcome to come visit!!  We’d love to have you!  And we have some beds that we can kick children out of, so you wouldn’t even necessarily be on a floor.  We’d even feed you!  When else are you going to get such a sweet deal for a Swiss holiday?

3.  What camera did you get?

Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore everyone asking me this for so long.  I just never got around to it.  Here’s the story.  “We” picked a Pentax K-7.  imageI’m sure you all realize that Brett does not really ever use the camera.  Almost never.  I am primarily the one in charge of pictures.  So, he asked me what kind of camera I wanted, and, thinking that the differences between any of the upgrade models would be almost negligible to me (i.e. they’ll all be pretty much equally good), I said, “I don’t care—a Nikon or a Canon.  Whichever model you think would be good.”  So he proceeded to read reviews and do research, and bought a Pentax.  I was pretty ticked at first.  He asked me later which kind of lens I wanted, and I said “Why bother asking?”  and he was offended and said, “I just want to know what you want,”  and I was like, “Yeah, sure just like when you cared so much about what kind of camera I wanted.”  

(Side story—this reminded me of one of our very first fights we ever got into after we got married.  We were at the grocery store and I was going to buy a 25 lb bag of flour (oh that I could enjoy such a luxury again!) to make bread, and I wanted the bleached white flour, but Brett insisted that we buy unbleached white flour.  Yes, that’s the whole matter over which we got in a big fight.  But I was just so mad that he wasn’t allowing me to make the choice when it was ME that was going to be making the bread, thus the one that should be in charge of it, right?  I remember I got so upset.  Awww, young love.  ;)  )  

But it’s okay now, because my camera is great, and I love it and since it’s a Pentax I could call it Penny if I felt like it.  Which I probably won’t.  But I could.

4.  Are the recipes (stew, bread, cinnamon rolls) family secrets? 

No, and I will get around to getting them for you sometime soon.  The bread recipe is here.  It’s yummy.

5.  Does Brett need a permit to carry around heads?

No, but that is just what I thought at first—what if a policeman stopped him and demanded to look in his case one day as he was rolling it around the city?!  I guess he’d have some pretty good explaining to do.  :)

6.  (For Mary) Do you have other pictures of you in your wedding dress for comparing?

Yes, although the one that I posted is actually one of the best ones for actually seeing what the dress looks like, and also I don’t really like my wedding pictures much (wish I could redo), but just for you I will post a couple more.  :)  Then you post some pictures of you in yours on Facebook!  templecoming outjump what a kiss That’s the best I’ve got.  Like I said, the picture from before probably shows the dress better.  Now- let’s see your wedding pictures—EVERYONE!  Won’t that be fun?  I declare today Post A Wedding Picture Day.  Now, run along and post.  :)

7.  Actually there are no more questions to answer (but feel free to ask me anything else you’re curious about), but I did want to just say thanks for reading this here bloggy, it really makes me happy to feel like I’m talking to people.  Sometimes half the fun of doing something for me is trying to capture it in pictures and then getting to share them.  And (of course, doesn’t everyone?) I love getting comments.  Especially since everyone’s comments are so nice, complimentary, interesting, and funny.  It’s especially nice for me now –locked away in my English-speaking tower in a vast Deutsch-world.  Just kidding.  Kind of.  Anyway, thanks, thanks, for coming around.  I really appreciate you.  I do. 


Rachael said...

So speaking of enjoying your blog, I must tell you that my husband reads every post featuring the Alps. And then he groans, "Oh, I want to move to Switzerland!" And then our kids usually come over and look at the pictures too. So our whole family loves your blog. :-)

MarySquare said...

I met a woman from Switzerland at Columbian Park yesterday. She had a son about 6 months younger than Eddie. She was nice and I tried talking to her, telling her that I had a friend living there -- then Eddie threw sand in her son's face (in his eyes even) and tried to sit on him. The lady promptly moved away from me.

Heather S. said...

So now I'm curious, what lens did you get for your camera?

If you really want to see pictures of wedding dresses, I don't have any from my wedding day scanned onto the computer yet, but about a year or so ago I pulled it out and we took some pictures of me in it with my 4 kids in the picture and I think I uploaded them to my facebook account. They're also on my blog but I don't want to search around on it right now to find it.

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