Thursday, October 28, 2010


So last weekend we drove to France to visit our (stolen) friends, Thomas and Jenny. It was our first time in France, but we were only about 5 minutes past the border. The city they live in is basically a suburb of Geneva, so we drove back into Switzerland to tour Geneva, and back in again on Sunday to go to church in Geneva. So much border hopping. We’ve never yet been asked to stop, let alone show our passports, at any border in Europe.

So, here’s Geneva. Specifically, Lake Geneva. IMGP1315

We saw the The Jet d'Eau, the famous Geneva landmark.


I crocheted this hat for Jethro. I finished it on the drive there. It is currently lost. (The scab under and on his nose is from a bike wreck.)



I kinda think this picture of somebody taking a picture is cool.IMGP1326Here’s Brett, Jethro, Hazel, Ethne, Talmage, and William. They walked out on the jetty and got a shower. It was quite blustery.



Then we walked a little farther to this really awesome playground of all kinds of tire swings and ladders. It was awesome. Here’s Talmage and Amelia. Mostly all of my pictures here turned out too dark. Shame.IMGP1335


IMGP1341 IMGP1346



IMGP1358 IMGP1363 IMGP1365 IMGP1371


The kids had a great time playing with each other. William and Chloe speak French and British-English, and I just love listening to them. Adorable.


All of us in front of the fountain. Don’t look too closely at me. For some unfortunate reason I look like I weigh 300 lbs. Shame. I don’t, I promise.


This is Jenny and her kids. I had a great time conversing. Really, we had a good time, and not as much because we got to see Geneva or any of that, but because we talked and talked and talked.



I really love my handsome men. IMGP1389


And then we walked around the city some more.


















Too bad I caught Jenny’s eyes closed.


Brett bought heissi marroni- roasted chestnuts. It was the first time I’ve ever tasted them. I didn’t fall in love, although they were warm, and I felt special eating roasted chestnuts bought from a street vendor in Geneva. :)


Later that night, Brett and I went with Thomas on a quick trip to the grocery store. IT WAS AMAZING. It was HUGE and it had it’s own HUGE free parking lot –not a parking garage, a parking LOT. It was kindof like a Wal-Mart. I tried to conceal my great excitement, for fear of appearing a little crazy. But honestly, I was stoked. I want to go back sometime and just walk around it all day.

We bought a few things like cereal and diapers because prices are so much cheaper in France (most of the cars in the parking lot were from Switzerland), but most importantly… we got MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICECREAM!!!! My joy in life was complete. I even bought milk and ate it with milk mixed in, which I normally wouldn’t do at someone else’s house, but it was such a rare occasion that I decided to anyway. Mint chocolate chip icecream with milk mixed in is heaven (especially after its absence for almost a year).

The next day we went to their ward in Geneva. It’s an international ward, so it was in English which was pretty awesome, and it was certainly international. Tons of different races in the mix.

We had more conversation after dinner and drove home through the rain. It was a wonderful weekend. I’m grateful for friends.

p.s. Costume post is coming, but I need to get a couple more pictures first. Soon though...


Sarah Harward said...

How amazing and exciting! But I have to admit, that after yesterday's post, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see pictures of these stellar halloween costumes you were talking about! Hopefully that post is coming soon!!

Kami said...

Kayli, you're killing me.....

Lynn said...

Still envious of all the border crossing you are EUROPE!!!!! *sigh*

Funny picture of Brett spewing the fountain from his mouth. HA ha.

Oh.......I too got the taste of Roasted chestnuts for the first time this past year. I was so disappointed. So many songs and poems written about the wonderful roasted chestnuts. I couldn't wait to try. So disappointed they were NOT that wonderful to me. ; S

Kristi said...

keep up the crocheting and I will be out of a job!
and I am going to find a travel agent very soon!

Kris said...

Cool place.

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