Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back again

So I was gone awhile.  First I was just gone, but then my computer crashed.  Rude.  Brett, being the genius he is, resurrected it.  I love him.

I have, it seems like, about a million things to say and show.  Our weekend trip to France, thoughts on parenting, things we’ve been up to, but most importantly, pictures of my children in their Halloween costumes which my BEYOND AMAZINGLY CREATIVE and GENIUS sister Kami made for them.  Kami, I know I said I’d post them tonight, but I just can’t stay up any later and I have to do the post justice, but tomorrow I promise!  Everyone, be SOOOOOOO excited.  Halloween is a favorite of mine just so I can dress up my kids in cute costumes and take pictures.  These costumes are not cute, they’re PHENOMENAL!!!!!!  Prepare yourselves.

All right.  I’m off to bed.  I’m glad to be back in touch with the world.


Kami said...

Sob. That's what got me through today...thinking that I'd get to see those pictures.

Steve and Katrina said...

I can't wait to see pictures!! I just want you to know that I checked out most of the children's books from the last post and we love them. A few my library didn't have but I think we got 7 of them. Thanks for the suggestions.

I can't wait to hear about where you've been. I've missed your posts.

Megan said...

glad you are alive - I was worried - worried enough to call- ahhaa - love you.

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