Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Poultry in the morning and in the evening, the Kimbers came, and a few plants and trees.

Here's Wolfie doing his morning chore of chasing the ducks and chickens.

See how their new feathers are growing in?  Isn't that so interesting?  No? ...maybe it's just me.  :)

Our black duck is so pretty.  Her name is Eilonwy.

They're just such a nice-looking flock!

Talmage put his chickie in the livestock truck and drove it around for a while.

Kami, this is your currant bush!!!  It's doing so well--it had zero leaves when it arrived!

And this is our little pink-lemonade blueberry bush.

And this, that you can barely even see, is a tiny little clematis plant that I really should put a cage around, because I think somebody stepped on it since I took this picture, and I'm not sure it will grow anyway, because it gets quite a bit of shade where it is (plus I only got it at Aldi).  We'll see.

And this is my climbing rose bush that is supposed to be what my clematis is supposed to climb with.  Cross your fingers!

And Wolfie mid-jump.  He's a jumper.

Hazel and the livestock trailer.

They all claimed one of the little chickies and named them.  I can't remember all the names right now though, so I'll have to ask Hazel later.

The Kimbers came to our house on Saturday and we had such a great time together.  We had lunch and dinner and icecream and smores and other treats, and we played kickball and their kids loved our chickies and we roasted the marshamallows around a fire and chatted and it was soooo great!!

And the blossoms on the tree in front of our house started opening up.  They are so pretty and smell delicious!

Sunday afternoon.


Andrea said...

I approve your black ducks name. Excellent.

Christine Merrill said...

Wah, jealous :)

I got my clematis from Aldi. It's still alive, though it's in a really dry spot and not really thriving. My grandma says all they need is a lot of this year, I'm going to try watering it a lot and see if it will grow :)

Anonymous said...

You have your own little woods - just like Switzerland. and your tree is very pretty - it is the same as mine. They are so pretty. It is great to have a space for the kids to run and play and have a weiner roast and go for a walk. Can't wait to visit.

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