Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Croatia Sept. 29

I did want to post some current happenings, but I have to find the right cord for my camera because the card reader isn't working.  So more Croatia, that beautiful paradise!!

We went to a town that was said to have some catacombs that we wanted to check out.  At first we couldn't find them.

But we finally did, so that was cool.

Then we drove to a different beach.

GORGEOUS.  I want those colors in my life always.


I just looooooooove turquoise beautiful ocean water.  I'm not sure I've stressed that enough yet... ;)

We followed a sign that I can't even remember what it said-- an old church or something? so we were going to go give it a look, but the streets got narrower and narrower,

until I was sucking in my stomach and squeezing my eyes shut.  Finally even Brett figured we shouldn't go any farther so we turned around--which was a trick--and went back (and that was the second time that happened on this trip).

Later that evening, we walked to our local beach for swimming (Brett and Jethro and Hazel) and gazing at the gorgeousness of the delicate pink of the sky against the beautiful deep shiny blue of the water.  It was sooooo beautiful!

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