Sunday, May 17, 2015

More Croatia - Sep 28

So remember how my mom found the box with our computer in it?  Well she sent it to us and Brett got it up and running.  Which means.... I can finish blogging about our trip to Croatia!  Woohooo!

Here we are up on Vidova Gora again (remember we had gone once before real quick shown here, which is how I even remember the name of the place) and it was nicer weather and we had fun exploring and taking pictures of the view with Zlatni Rat beach way down below.  (Remember, it's the one that juts out into the water like so- and is what comes up in all the pictures when you search 'Brac, Croatia')

So anyway, here are pictures.

That's me.

Then we went to a little village.  No idea what it's called anymore.  But I could probably find out.

Here is some marble, to remind me that marble from here was shipped all the way to Washington DC to build the White House.  And for that reason alone, I know after a quick google search that we were in a town called Pucisca.  :)

Then we started driving again and it was a GORGEOUS time of day where all the colors were so bright and beautiful and I was (like usual) saying, "Oh, stop--I need to take a picture here!"  :)

But I pretty much DID have to stop--I mean, how absolutely gorgeous was this?!

Now this was after we had gotten back by our house again.

Walking down to our nearby beach to enjoy the evening sunset.

I'm not sure what this is, but if it was built purely for aesthetic reasons, it wins, because I just adore how it catches the light and each little angle of the turn is a different shade.

Plus it's fun to run on.

Looking the other direction--different colors and lighting.  So pretty.

Boys acting like boys.


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The Haws Family said...

So cool and so gorgeous! Yay for pictures!

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