Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mainly Ducks and Chicks

Brett and the kids were playing freeze tag in the backyard.  I was inside making dinner or something, but they looked like they were having so much fun.

We went to an Easter thingee at the YMCA and the boys were super excited to see Hulk and Spiderman.

Brett built me a chicken coop.  Look at the cute chickens inside it!

Talmage really REALLY enjoyed putting screws in.

And we got our ducklings and chicks!

SO MUCH excitement!

Me being mean and putting the duckling too close to Wyatt.  He was "geewed" (scared) at first, but now he's all too comfortable with them and is altogether much too helpful.  :)

 We found a guitar for Jethro and he's so very very happy.

I also found a piano on craigslist for 100 bucks.  Awesome!


I love this picture!  So cute. :)

These are the only two pictures I took of anyone searching for Easter Eggs on Saturday morning.  Once Wyatt saw his bike, he could hardly be bothered to pick up eggs anymore.

 The Easter bunny also brought a soccer ball for all the kids, but Wyatt claimed that as his own, and no one else has had a chance with it.  Greedy little kid who loves his soccer ball.  The kids also all found a book that that nice bunny hid for them.  Jethro got Die 13 1/2 Leben Des Kapt N Blaubar by Walter Moers, which you can find translated into English entitled 'The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear.' It is one of Jethro's very favorite favorite books.
Hazel got 'Lark' by Sally Watson, which I can't wait to read.  Ethne got Igraine Ohnefurcht by Cornelia Funke, which can be found in English by the title "Igraine the Brave" and in fact, Hazel brought that home from school before Easter, and I saw it and told her she wasn't allowed to read it and she was very baffled as to why I should tell her that.  (I wanted her to read it in German.)
Talmage got 'Tree Houses You Can Actually Build' by David and Jeanie Stiles.  It is really cool.
Orrin got 'Fog Island' by Tomi Ungerer.  Wyatt got 'Old Bear' by Kevin Henkes.
And that awesome Easter Bunny got ME a book that I LOOOOOOVE because it is a book for my collection illustrated by the Johnstones, very much like the book I reviewed here called 'Folk Tales of the World,' only this one is called 'Myths from Many Lands' and is extremely hard to find.
Oh, and Brett also got a book on tape to listen to on his drive home from work, called 'What if? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Questions.'

Other than that, I feel just so busy.  Soo soo much too busy.  I told Brett one day that I felt overwhelmed, and he said, "You're only just now feeling that way?"  But I guess a lot of the things we were planning on doing didn't have a due date in my head (like the basement can be finished anytime--we are all happy and have places to sleep for now), but then suddenly there were things that had to be done right then.  The chicks came in at the tractor supply store and I had to get them right then.  Some of the berry bushes and seeds that I ordered online were delivered and we really need to decide where to plant them and do so STAT--and I have no idea where to put things!  Aaargh.  This is what I wrote on the family website the other day:

There's just really not enough time to do everything you need to do. What I did get done today:
cut Wyatt and Orrin's hair
bathed them
took Jethro to batting cages to practice (and I went in twice and barely hit a THING! I'm so ashamed and mortified and crushed)
got my hair cut
made dinner
called the lady I needed to call
emailed a potential piano teacher
cleaned out the chicken/duckling box
cleaned up after Wyatt tried to help with the chicken/duckling box
planted seeds into their little indoor starting planter-thingee

BUT I am not even close to finishing up ALL THE THINGS!

Today Brett worked on cars because the truck brake needed to be fixed because tomorrow he's going to pick up some dressers and bed we got on craigslist for Jethro's bedroom (whenever we finish making that bedroom), and a tiller we're borrowing so we can make a garden. And we need to make a fence for that garden, and a compost bin, and I don't know where to plant our trees or bushes!! and everyone keeps not coming to tell me. And I need to make bread. AND, finally, Brett and I are supposed to meet with the stake president's counselor on Thursday so I'm scared.

The end.

 Lindsay replied "You need to scale WAY back and get into normal Kayli mode ha ha."  I know!!

Today I took Orrin, Ethne, and Talmage to the dentist and Friday morning I'm meeting with the previous Cub Master so she can tell me what the heck I need to be doing.  This evening Brett took Talmage to soccer so I could take Jethro to baseball practice.  And I keep hoping that all this stuff will eventually calm down once things get more into place, and that this level of stuff to do is not what my life actually is now.  :)
After I wrote on facebook "Sometimes when I get bogged down with all the really un-fun parts of being an adult, like taxes and orthodontics and scheduling and having lots of responsibilities, I indulge in tiny daydreams of moving to Croatia and becoming a professional beach bum. Because I think that would probably work out well,"  Lindsay sent me this and I love it:


Steve and Katrina said...

I love love love this post! You are amazing- I'm tired just reading about all the things you are doing. I can't believe that you guys are accomplishing so much with your house and planting and chickens and then just the fact that you have 6 kids. You're awesome. I don't think I could do all that. I'm stressed for you:) But Wyatt is seriously so cute- I love his blond hair.

The Haws Family said...

Best post ever. And not just because I was quoted twice. But partly. Ha ha. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just love these pics. I had to look at them again and again. the tag ones, and building ones ( I knew Talmage would love it) and the duck ones. Wyatt is so cute and has funny expressions on his face. just love it. Awsome that Jethro got a guitar and awesome awesome that you have a piano.
Oh - i do miss you all. Hugs and hugs and kisses.
Love you.

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