Friday, April 24, 2015

Boy on a bike, planting an orchard, and --you guessed it-- more ducks and chickens

So if I had figured out things a bit better before I got my first chickens, I probably wouldn't have bought any at that first place.  But I didn't know.  And afterwards, I found a place through craigslist that offered all these REALLY REALLY cool breeds that were way more interesting and exciting than what the Agway had offered, and you didn't have to have a minimum number of each breed or anything.  So I already had chickens, but I wanted these new cool ones.  I asked Brett if he thought I should somehow trade in or get rid of some of the ones we already had, and he said no, because nature might do it for us.  Anyway, I got a Barred Rock, a Wyandotte, a Delaware, an Australorp, a Welsummer, a Black Minorca, and a Black East Indies duck.  They were the CUTEST little things EVER!!! 

Man I loooove these little chickies!

They're supposed to be all pullets, but I kind of wish our Welsummer was a rooster, because look how awesome it would look:

Anyway, that little black duckie is fast!  He just takes off whenever we let him out.  I can't wait to see him when he gets older and is green.

Black ducks are so cute!

 Also, I went and picked up my pair of Silkies that someone had been holding onto for me while our chicken coop was being built.  Remember how I mentioned how our coop is too small now?  Ooops.

I love watching the ducks running after the boys.

All that fun makes a boy tired.

Cutest picture!!  I love Wolfie in his snow boots.  :)

Wyatt had to walk with Brett with his hand also on the tiller to help him.

Hazel named the Silkies Clarinette and Claude.

I found Wyatt chillaxin' in bed with a book.

And lookin' bad boy in Jethro's baseball helmet on his bike.

Our baby chicks and ducklings live in the basement.  Hazel and Jethro are supposed to be responsible for cleaning and feeding them although I do it quite a bit too.

Digging holes to plant our trees.  Two apple trees (red delicious and honeycrisp), two pears (comice and luscious), and a cherry (stella).  We also have a gala apple waiting to be planted, and it's a little bigger than our other little stick-trees.

Girls playing barbies.

Another day with the ducks.

Wyatt was a menace and kept catching them and plopping them in the water.  Crazy kid.


Rachael said...

Oh, I am sooo jealous of your Silkies! I've wanted one forever. Keep posting lots of photos! Aren't chicks fun?!

The Haws Family said...

That first picture of the kids in camping chairs I thought they were looking at campfire and I was going to be SO JEALOUS that you got a fire pit, but then it was a trash can lid with ducks. Which is also cool, but...ya know. I laughed out loud about Wyatt and the tiller because Sterling rides his bike to the metro every day and Will things it is his sole purpose in life to help daddy put his bike away when he gets home. He puts his hand on it while Sterling lifts it over the baby gates and into the back of the kitchen. It's hilarious.

kami said...


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