Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The next morning on our Great Last European Trip, we went up to Bled Castle to get a view over the lake, particularly of course, the island with the church on it.

It was certainly a lovely view.


Then we went down by the shore and rented a little boaty.

It was such a lovely morning.  Brett rowed us out upon the water and to the island.

 I told Brett about the tradition of the groom having to carry the bride up these steps, but then I chickened out and didn't let him try.  :) (p.s. He has a first aid kit strapped on his belt not because we're that prepared/neurotic, but because Orrin had had a thing about carrying it everywhere we went for a few days.)

We went inside the church so we could ring the bell and make our wishes. (Mine already didn't come true, so I feel extremely ripped-off.)

And we climbed up the clock tower.

And then we rowed merrily home.  Or back to the boat rental place anyway.

And then I bought a piece of Bled Cream Cake to complete our Bled experience.  It was yummy, but you know, it didn't have any chocolate so it didn't make me jump up and down or anything.


And then we got in the van and drove out of Slovenia and into Croatia.  Thanks Slovenia, I dug your little town of Bled.

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