Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Innsbruck, Austria and Bled, Slovenia

 So we began our Last Great European Trip on Sunday after sacrament meeting (because it was the primary program and we didn't feel like it would be cool of us to take half of the primary away).  We drove ourselves to Innsbruck, Austria where we did not walk through the old town and see the sights.  Instead, we hung out with our American friends.  They fed us dinner and icecream, let the boys (including Brett) fly their remote control helicopter, and jump on their trampoline, chat, and ultimately have an awesome movie party, before the kids slept on their floor and couch.

Then in the morning, they fed us yummy pancakes.  All that, and we're not even relatives!  Talk about generous friends.

Also, they're famous.  You may have seen them in this viral video (it's COMPLETELY adorable):

We finally got on the road and drove to Bled, Slovenia.  We got to our very lovely farmhouse hotel and settled in and then went out to Vintgar Gorge.  It was fairly overcast and dark, but we didn't get rained on and it was actually a cool atmosphere and very beautiful.


We had lots of fun-- Brett started swinging kids over cliffs of insanity,

and swinging them up and twirling them around-



We liked it.  I recommend checking out Vintgar Gorge next time you're in Slovenia.


sbu said...

Hey Kayli, Jared's sister Sara here. You are friends with the people that made that incredibly cute video????? Awesome!

Missy said...

Thanks for making a stop over! It was fun to meet up again :)

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