Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Day 2

First stop on this day was Vidova Gora- the highest peak of the islands of the Adriatic.  It was a quick stop since Wyatt was asleep in the van and it was quite windy and chilly.  But spoiler alert-- we went back a different day that was sunny.


Then we went on a little hike up to some ruins.


They were pretty cool, and I decided I want trees and grass growing inside my house someday.

And a window with a view out to the sea.



We ate some pomegranates that Jethro picked for us from a tree.  They were tasty.



Then we drove to the most famous beach on the island - Zlatni Rat.  It looks like this (pictures from internet):

But on that day, from where we were, it looked like this:


Is this sky not amazing?!



And then it started raining and we drove home.  Ethne fell asleep on the way home like this, poor thing.

The house we stayed in was a coworker's, who let us stay for free, and was quite small.  There was no living room area with a couch or anything, just a kitchen and bedrooms and a bathroom, so we hung out on beds and the kids played Uno or whatever.

But that's quite all right since we were tired out from swimming in the ocean every day.  :)


Kami said...

That beach was still stunning even though it was cloudy. The water looked beautiful. But my favorite part was the ruins! So cool. And that you could just pick pomegranates and eat them. Heaven.

Andrea said...

The ruins and surrounding area pretty well sums up my mental image of the setting of The Thief series.

The Haws Family said...

I had no idea pomegranates grew in Europe. I guess I never really thought about where they grew, but I didn't think Europe. Ehtne's rash guard is super cute. Also, love your suit (haha) and that ocean is INCREDIBLE! Gotta love the ocean :)

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