Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Croatia Day 3 and 4 and 5?

I've got to get cracking on these Croatia posts if they're ever going to get done.  Here's Day 3 and 4, I think.  Maybe 5?

I love waking up to the sound (and sight) of the ocean.

Lots of pictures of this exact spot because it's the back of our house, on the far left, and we often walked down this street.

Here's the front of our house.  See Hazel reading her book?

And here we are eating lunch.

In the afternoons we could just drive a little ways until we spotted a pretty beach and then we'd go swim there.



Wyatt is so cute.

Isn't it the cutest thing when toddlers squat down to see or do something?

The next two pictures are to remind me of the night we walked directly across the street (street meaning barely wide enough for one car to go through) to the restaurant/home and ate some delicious swordfish and exceptional lamb.  I felt like I had to eat super fast, because all the kids were gobbling up their pieces and asking for more.

 I think this was the next day.  We drove over some really terrible/awesome (depending on your point of view) roads to get to a trailhead.

The trail goes to this monastery museum.  It was pretty interesting.  Our tour guide was pretty funny, but I can't remember the specifics anymore.  You can read more about it here if you want.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside, so no pictures.

We didn't bring the baby backpack, so Wyatt rode in a regular backpack.

This is the outside of the monastery.

Our tour guide offered to take a picture for us; he called us 'biggest family.'


Then we hiked back and drove the scenic (nauseating) way back to Zlatni Rat beach.  But it really was beautiful.



I want that little white house right there-

Have I mentioned I love the ocean?

Wyatt sprayed himself with sunscreen

We buried all the kids in the pebbles, even their faces, and the group of young adults next to us were watching and laughing that we would cover their heads (Brett did it first, and then I did when the first child didn't die).  Then they would jump out, and Talmage did a pretty good zombie-coming-out-of-the-ground impression. 

You had to be careful looking over this direction because there were lots of nudies.  Even though the sign said that wasn't allowed.

There's the tell-tale shape of Zlatni Rat.

And we drove home as the sun slipped down and turned everything golden and beautiful.


Kami said...

Oh wow. That looks beautiful. That little white house would be perfect. And I love the golden photos.

Lynn said...

What a GORGEOUS place!! You have created so many wonderful memories for you kids. Hard to believe that soon you will be leaving that behind and moving back to the states. How sweet that you will have these pictures forever to remember this all by.

The Haws Family said...

That picture of Orrin!!!!!!

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