Sunday, March 9, 2014


The weather has been so so nice lately.  I love it.  Oh how I love when winter goes away.  The house seems (a little) bigger, the world is brighter, the kids are even cuter (except Wyatt, he is ALWAYS cute).  I'm so grateful Heavenly Father made seasons--even winter, because it makes me appreciate warmth and sunshine more.

Tasting a snowdrop.

The kids before church today.

I made brownies and let Hazel lick out the bowl, and she shared with Wyatt.  He is a major biter, so she basically sacrificed her finger to share with him.  What a nice sister. :)

Brett didn't get the job at BYU.  I'm so confused right now as to what's going to happen.  I mean- we don't even know for sure what we want.  Brett says one thing one day and another thing the next, it seems.  Oh the uncertainty.  That is okay.  It is spring.

Yesterday we went on a hike to the tower near our house.  I didn't take the camera, but it was essentially THIS, but with two more kids and less snow.  Oh yeah, before the hike, in the morning we went to an Open House at the hospital with a lot of the doctors (ENTs) and people that Brett works with.  This was mainly because I was worried that Wyatt had an ear infection, and Brett said that we could have them look at his ear at the open house.  And they did, and it was imflamed and red and they wrote us a prescription for him. Yay!

 And that's pretty much all.  I should make a meal-plan for the week and go get groceries tomorrow.  Do you have any good ideas for dinner this week?

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