Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patty's

Things which have been happening--

Talmage has a new theme in Kindergarten, so he got to bring home all of his art projects for his old theme which was winter.  I love this snowy mountain picture- it's so cool.  Also a feather snowflake which you can't see well in his left hand, and a hangee thingee with beads and puffs of cotton.

Wyatt has gained a DEEP and ABIDING love for cows.  He loves to watch youtube videos of them, look at pictures of them in books, and of COURSE look at them in the field or barn.  He moos and moos with all his heart.  It is his only word, but it is sincere.

He likes to go out on the deck and look at them in the field.  It's sad when it's milking time and they go in the barn.  I like this picture of my three little boys.

Wyatt is a vicious biter, but that is to be expected with a brother just older than him who pesters him all the time.

Oh my gosh we put my glasses on him and DIED of cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I remembered it was St. Patrick's Day (thanks to a reminder on someone else's blog), and so I had everyone wear green, even though St. Patty's is not celebrated here.  But the girls helped me put together this rainbow (with caramel popcorn as the gold at the end-- how perfect that we made it yesterday!) for our special dessert.

These two I could not convince to wear green, well actually Brett probably would have if I had been awake and reminded him to in the morning, but Talmage refused even though he got pinched.  Since they looked cute sitting next to each other at the table, I took a picture.  But they're weird, so they had to play with their vegetables.

Aww, aren't they cute? :)

Then the greenies.

In other news, I had a bad day on Thursday and broke two windows in the van.  I was driving out of the underground garage and hit the metal lever that lifts the door up just right, and the back window shattered and fell in on top of Orrin.  It was pretty scary for a second because I didn't realize what had happened.  And then it was just, you know, extremely lame.  It's getting fixed tomorrow. 

Well, that's it... have a day.


The Haws Family said...

For some reason I just thought you would be getting pregnant looking like me, and then you looked extremely skinny in that green photo and I was surprised. Hahaa.

Andrea said...

Why did you have to go and make a rainbow dessert? Wyatt is almost as cute as Oskar--which means he's pretty darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the rainbow dessert. It is so cute and…. good for you. Not just candy. You look really good in that color of green. It really brightens up your face and you look great.
Love you.

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