Monday, March 24, 2014


Here are some pictures from last week.  Firstly, Orrin was playing at our neighbor's downstairs from us, and then was told to come home, but he didn't want to come home so he sat and sulked.  After a few minutes I went down to get him and found him thus.

The weather last week (and a couple weeks before that, really) was gorgeous gorgeous.  It was so beautiful that we just had to be outside all the time enjoying it.  Talmage picked me some pretty flowers.

Speaking of flowers, I love when the snowdrops and crocuses come up.  They're so pretty.

Here we are enjoying the afternoon sunshine (incidentally, on Saturday it started snowing, but I don't mind because it's only going to hang around for a week or so and then get warm again).

It was so summery we even had watermelon for lunch.

And here is a very funny video.  It's not that cool until somewhere like 30 seconds in, and then it's hilarious.  Well, sad-hilarious, but hilarious nonetheless.

I have more to post, but I never seem to have time to write any actual thoughts.  Someday I'll get to it.

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