Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trümmelbach Falls and Grindelwald Pfingstegg Hike

For Derek and Brooke’s last day, we took them to Trümmelbach Falls.  Brett and I had been there, but not our kids.  It’s a pretty cool place.
IMGP8132 IMGP8138 IMGP8141IMGP8160IMGP8151IMGP8154 IMGP8158  IMGP8164  IMGP8166
My kids are getting so big.
Then we drove to Grindelwald and although we wanted to go to First, it was completely covered in clouds, so instead we took the cable car up to Pfingstegg.
IMGP8216 IMGP8220 IMGP8225
They seriously put their arms around each other without me even telling them to!!
We ate lunch here.  It was a really nice spot with a great view.
Like I said, Ethne never left Brooke if she could possibly help it.  :)
Then we all rode on the rodelbahn, or summer toboggan run.  I got to share with Talmage, and let me tell you it was sooooo exciting.  He was yelling, “I looooooooooove this!” as we flew down.  One of those times you think that people who don’t have kids are reallly really missing out because their excitement makes it truly fun.
To make things exciting, somehow the thing that pulls us up to the top again got stuck while Derek, Brooke, and Talmage and I were being pulled up.  So we sat there for 10 minutes, working our abs trying to keep ourselves up, until it got unstuck and continued pulling us up.  Derek asked us how you say “How’s it going?” in German and then turned around and yelled it to the boys behind us.  It reminded me of the time my family went on the Alpine Slide in Park City and it started raining and much excitement ensued.  But Derek said he wasn’t there when we did that.  Fun stuff.
IMGP8254 IMGP8269IMGP8270
Then the kids BADLY wanted to go again, and I actually begged alongside them to have Brett go because I told him how fun it was going with Talmage.  So he finally gave in.  He went a lot faster than I did, and Talmage said something like, “This is kindof scary, but still fun, right?” 
Then Derek and Brooke had to leave, because they had to get to the Geneva airport to fly to Madrid.  I haven’t heard from them since, but I hope they had a good time.  We went on a little hike.  We went up for a little ways, and then we hiked all the way back to the van.  The day got more and more beautiful as time went on.
IMGP8282 IMGP8283 IMGP8284 IMGP8287 IMGP8288 IMGP8290 IMGP8293IMGP8297 IMGP8299 IMGP8300  IMGP8305
This is the glacier, and Brett and Hazel playing a game that Hazel learned with her friends where you each put your hand on each other’s chin and stare at each other and if you’re the first to laugh the other one can slap you.  Try it, you’ll like it (even though from the picture it looks like he’s getting after her).
IMGP8306 IMGP8303IMGP8307 IMGP8309 IMGP8312 IMGP8316 IMGP8321
A little stop for beating up Jethro.  Always important.
IMGP8324 IMGP8326 IMGP8327
I really like the below picture.  Can you see Brett and the kids?
IMGP8328  IMGP8336
And because maybe somebody would be sad if there wasn’t a picture of a cow included in a hike post.
IMGP8345IMGP8349 IMGP8340IMGP8351 IMGP8354 IMGP8356 IMGP8359 IMGP8360IMGP8365
Here’s the cablecar that we rode going up.
IMGP8366 IMGP8368
The end.

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Rachael said...

Please tell me that some days are full of laundry and homework and kids who won't eat dinner, because right now your life looks WAY COOLER than mine. ;-)

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