Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Spooks

Be warned- some of these pictures are mildly disturbing.  You’ve been warned.
This year we had a witch, a mummy, a ghost, a skeleton (kind of), and a demon of the night.
 IMGP8760 IMGP8762 IMGP8765 IMGP8771 IMGP8773 IMGP8775 IMGP8776 IMGP8777 IMGP8781 IMGP8782  IMGP8785 IMGP8789 IMGP8791 IMGP8796 IMGP8802 IMGP8806 IMGP8809 IMGP8812 IMGP8815 IMGP8817 IMGP8823 IMGP8827IMGP8828IMGP8832 IMGP8829IMGP8834 IMGP8837 IMGP8838 IMGP8841 IMGP8847  IMGP8852 IMGP8848IMGP8853 IMGP8862 IMGP8867 IMGP8873 IMGP8880 IMGP8884IMGP8899 IMGP8887IMGP8896IMGP8900 IMGP8905 IMGP8907 IMGP8908 IMGP8909 IMGP8910 IMGP8913 IMGP8917 IMGP8921 IMGP8924 IMGP8936 IMGP8945
(I have to say I’m pretty… no WAY… impressed with how everything turned out especially considering I only bought:
from a second-hand store-
black turtle-neck, candle-stick, white skirt, lacey thingee, striped leggings (which can be used as p.j.’s),
witch hat, spray paint, black hair spray.)
Ethne’s costume photographed awesome, and Talmage looked so awesome, as did they all, actually.  Good times.  They were all even really good for pictures (and here I was all prepared to bribe them with treats or whatever I could think of).
We are going to a Halloween party at the American Embassy on Wednesday, but I dressed them all up today for the pictures because the temperature is supposed to drop by a thousand degrees or something in the next few days.)
Have a spooooooky Halloween!!!!


Amanda said...

Oh. My. Goodness! They are adorable!!! Hazels black and white where she is just straight on is my favorite!!! Well, maybe little jack the pumpkin king. Or maybe the mummy... OK, I love them all. Way to go!

Steve and Katrina said...

This just confirms what Chandler and I talked about for Halloween next year. We were already planning how fun it would be to do mummy, witch, Frankenstein, etc....

Now I have something to copy:)

Those are amazing and as always the pictures are amazing as well. I tried to take pictures of the kids last night and I was so annoyed and mad at them and my lack of skills. Every picture seemed blurry a little and the kids don't cooperate at all. I don't know how you get yours to. Nothing works for me.

Anyway, great job!!

Bunch of Bradys said...

Those are rather scary! I'm not sure I can be in their presence like that :( I certainly will look at them in a different light tomorrow when I am trying to lead the Primary Program!

Alyse and Carlos said...

Those costumes are RAD! I love them. All of them. What did the neighbors say?

Carlie said...

Those are the cutest and most creative costumes! But I have to ask... how is your little mummy going to go potty with all those knots in the way?!?

Megan said...

THOSE ARE AWESOME!!!!! Good job!!!!

Amazing photography too!!

Ginger said...

These are fabulous! And mostly because you spent so little money!

Kris said...

So how did you keep Talmage's strips from not falling off??? Morgan had a tough time keeping all her wrappings on around her bum and legs. Yours looked much better than my attempt! WAY cool costumes! Yes, I think Ethne photographed really well!

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