Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This afternoon was a great one.

Alternate title:  My kids are cute.

Another alternate title: I love sunny days.  MORE PLEEEEEEEEEASE Switzerland!!!!

(Another alternate title: I always post an overwhelming number of pictures at once.  I can’t seem to help myself.)

IMGP8507IMGP8512IMGP8522 IMGP8525 IMGP8527 IMGP8528 IMGP8529 IMGP8533 IMGP8534 IMGP8536 IMGP8548 IMGP8558 IMGP8561

Mom, get me down now!!!

IMGP8563 IMGP8565

Suddenly Orrin decided he could go down the slide himself, and man he thought it was the best thing ever.

IMGP8573 IMGP8574 IMGP8577IMGP8582


IMGP8593 IMGP8594 IMGP8596 IMGP8580

Gosh I love my awesome sons.  It makes me so happy to be having another one!

IMGP8601 IMGP8612

That face!!!!  Supreme cuteness.

IMGP8614 IMGP8618 IMGP8620 IMGP8621 IMGP8626 IMGP8628 IMGP8631 IMGP8637 IMGP8645 IMGP8651 IMGP8652 IMGP8653

Orrin loooooves kitties.

IMGP8666IMGP8664 IMGP8665 IMGP8668 IMGP8669 IMGP8670 IMGP8671

Where you going, kitty?

IMGP8672  IMGP8675 IMGP8676 IMGP8681 IMGP8688 IMGP8691 IMGP8698 IMGP8703 IMGP8706

And then, if I wasn’t already overwhelmed with the cuteness of my children, I came home to these girls who had been at their friend’s house while her mother got her ready for ballet class by putting a bun in her hair, so then she did Hazel’s hair and tried to do Ethne’s also in buns.  So the girls got out their ballerina attire and requested some ballet music.  I love my pretty girls!

 IMGP8721 IMGP8722

Orrin tried to do ballet arms too.  :)

IMGP8725 IMGP8728 IMGP8730 IMGP8737 IMGP8742 IMGP8744 

What a good afternoon.


Andrea said...

Looks like fun!!!

Kami said...

I love the picture where Orrin has his arms up. So cute!

Megan said...

You do have adorable kids - what did you decide about the house??

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