Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More about Jethro.

So Jethro has exciting news---


Yep, the guy has glasses! Thanks to Kristi and Margot, who told me about Zennioptical I bought my last pair of glasses from them and now Jethro’s, and they’re great. Glasses for around $20?? AWESOME!

The FedEx man delivered them the night of Jethro’s birthday party, so he had an extra present to unwrap.

Oh yeah.


And look at this picture… he’s sitting back against the couch instead of hunched 2 cm from the computer screen! (And doesn’t he look so cute in them?! What a good-looking boy.)


That was actually how we figured out that he needed glasses- he was always so close to the computer screen when we watched movies, and we were always saying “Jethro! Sit back!” And one day I said, “What’s the matter, do you need glasses or something?!” and suddenly ding ding, it occurred to me that maybe he DID need them. I don’t know how long he couldn’t see the board at school, or the clock, but now he’s all fixed up and again can see. And sight, as we all know, is a beautiful thing.

At night, Talmage says "Come in my woom." And then he says, "King kong." So I sing him a song and he rolls over and gets all cuddled down in his blankets. It's really cute. Then he says, "King more kong."

In other news, I cracked my rib. It hurts a lot. I had a cough for the last few weeks, and one morning I woke up with a sore sore side, and it really killed when I coughed. It started feeling a tiny bit better, but then a few days later (yesterday, in fact), I again woke up with it as sore as ever. No fun. Apparently you can crack your rib from coughing. I don’t recommend it.

Then today Brett gave me a hug and I was like, “owww my rib!” and I said he’d be sorry if I ended up in the hospital because he had broken off my rib, and then they'd ask me what happened, and I’d tell them that my husband did it, and then they’d come have a little chat with him, and then he’d go to jail. And then he’d be bored. And he said, “And then you’d starve.” Now that we’ve got that settled.

In other news, my baby is soooo soooo soooo cute and gets cuter every day and it’s practically unbearable. Because you know, my other children were once his age, and then they did this awful thing to me, where they got bigger.

See, Jethro used to look like this:


Hazel once looked like this:

Hazel 2

Ethne was this little birdie:


And Talmage was this little too:


You can see why I’m getting a little upset. Because now they look like this--- giants!


Okay, okay, you’re right, my kids just keep getting cuter as they get older, but STILL – I looooooove this age. Just turning one. They’re so very adorable and the perfect delicious size for hugging and kissing and generally eating up. (And yes, I realize I already posted this picture. I am posting it again.)


Okay, the end.


The Haws Family said...

I think Ruth looks like Hazel. They have the same perfectly round head that is absolutely adorable with chubby round cheeks. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh you have such a gorgeous family! Glasses suit him :) $20!!! I had to buy glasses in Europe and they cost hundreds more than I pay in Australia...hundreds! :(

Christal said...

Love it he looks so cute in glasses! Seriously your kids are all so dang cute! Just caught up on your life you guys get to do so many fun things and you love life! and I love reading about it!

Kristi said...

awesome glasses! I need to order some more from zenni! such a great deal!

Christine Merrill said...

I've never seen a kid look so good in glasses before. Good job! Nice pick! You're good lookin', Jethro!

Kris said...

Love the glasses! It's probably time to get Tyler's eyes checked again. I remember when your kiddos were 1! I hate that they grow up SOO fast! :( They are so stinkin' cute!

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