Friday, November 18, 2011


Look at this cute, sweet, cute cute CUTE little boy!  Sheesh he’s so cute.  I just love him.


Hazel loves him too.



On a tangent, Hazel has been wearing that shirt for the past 3 years.  See—here she is at 4 years old.  (And I ADORE that face on the right.  Well, I adore her face always, but you know what I mean.)  But yeah, I think I had her sleeves rolled up 2 or 3 times back then.  It’s a good shirt.  I think I got it at a garage sale.  I often did that with clothes that I bought at garage sales for the kids to grow into—get too excited to wait any longer and had them wear it before it really fit them.  I miss garage sales.  And our kitchen walls were green.  I picked that color, then I regretted it.  But oh well, the green walls are no longer mine.  Though I’d rather have green kitchen walls than 70’s lime green tile on my kitchen walls.  Such is life. 

That was more of a tangent than I had intended.

DSCF3457 DSCF3483

On Wednesday I made the kids sit down and I taught them about the first Thanksgiving.  Cause hey, they’re not going to learn it in school here.  :)  If you feel like doing a little history time with your kids, you should check this site out- it’s amazing with all kinds of different things, some interactive slideshows, interviews with some pilgrims and Indians, and just a TON of stuff.  And I bookmarked this site because I want to read it for my own personal enlightenment.  It’s pretty thorough.

Then we did Thanksgiving-themed crafts.  Jethro chose to make a Mayflower with a walnut shell.  (Idea from pinterest, if you feel like checking out my pins, here you go.)  And sometimes I do say to Jethro that he should let me do his hair, and he always declines.  And usually I let it be.


Hazel and Ethne made leaf-feathered turkeys.  Ethne declined a picture, however.


We had a fun night tonight, but I’ll tell you about that in a different post.

And here’s a cute boy to end the post with.



Mary said...

Dave and Jethro have the same hairdo! Awesome!

Chillygator said...

Every time you post picture of Orrin, I want to eat him up. Specifically his cheeks and round little feet. Oh my gosh, he's yummy!

(and I mean this all in a very non-literal way)

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