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A couple days after I took Tell’s stitches out, he was riding his bike and whacked his head on the exact same spot- so he had a nice goose egg under his scar and it got all purple.  Kids these days man.

The other day he wanted to watch a show on the computer, so he pushed the chair out of the way and started pushing the couch up, and I told him, “Wow, you’re tough!”  And he said, “Yeah.  At home I tough.  Not hiking.”  Ha ha, apparently he heard my pep-talks when we’re hiking about how incredibly tough he is, but he doesn’t appreciate them except by his own distinctions.


Kirsta and Morian said...

After Devin got his stitches out, I swear every time he ran into something, he hit right on his scar so it was always red and goose egg-y! Funny how that works!
BTW-you are so pretty Kayli. Just sayin!

Tracy said...

haha! okay, I have to know, how often do your kids complain on hikes? Dustin and I don't do much hiking, but it seems that whenever we do the girls are just complaining the entire way. It makes me not want to be outdoor with them. I know, I just give in way to easily.

I love the pictures. Your smiles are beautiful!

Venturello said...

Love your blog and pics, gives us so many ideas on where to go with family.

Quick q, whay camera and lens you usuakky use. Pic are excellent, I got a DSLR but opted for one of the smallest models, and quality cannot be cmpared to what I see on your blog.


Polly said...

I loved the posts on your vacation to Croatia- made me think that I know the next place I want to drag my family. I will be in your neck of the woods in a couple of weeks. Well kind of. My mom and I are going from Prauge to Budapest to do all the Christmas Markets. Wish I was close enough to meet you in person. Or have we met? I can't remember which of your red headed family that I have met. I just assume I will love all of you since I love Andrea so much. I will stop rambling now.

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