Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ethne pictures.

So I took Ethne out for some pictures, and she was so cute.
IMGP6657 IMGP6658
IMGP6664 IMGP6665
Unfortunately, I was really frustrated with my pictures.  Either the color is off (I was messing with the white balance, but sometimes it seemed like what should have helped just made it worse), or the focus is not very sharp, or stuff like that.  Now, before anyone says anything, I know they’re okay, and cute pictures of a cute girl, but sometimes it annoys me that I see problems but don’t have the technical know-how to do better. 
I love these pictures below, but at the same time, they seem just a bit… drab?  I wish I could play with some photoshop actions, but I don’t have photoshop, and all the other things I try with these don’t do much for me.  Still, cute.
IMGP6675 IMGP6678
IMGP6696 IMGP6697
I love this one below, but had to go black and white with it because it was where I had turned my white balance to shade and it totally got crazy-colored, beyond what I could repair.  Grr.
The color on the ones below is also weird.  I don’t know what was up.  It makes me think I should just go back to my old camera on auto.  Not really. 
Oh well.  Sorry for all the lame talk about photography woes.  I sure do have a cute little five-year-old.


Alisha Erin said...

you don't have photoshop and your pictures come out the way they do?? so. impressed.

Andrea said...

Are you fishing?

Come take my 5 year old's pics. I keep trying to convince her to keep her hair short. She gets cuter every day. And is just me, or is 5 a WAY more fun age than 4?

Anonymous said...

Cute, fun pics. She is a cutie. Love you and miss you.Mom. R.

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