Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weird dreams.

I always have weird dreams.  Ask my family, they’ll attest to it.  I’ve even considered starting another blog just for recording my weird dreams.  But anyway, last week I had two weird ones and I wanted to share.  Then I’ll be back to many, many Europe trip pictures.

So, first dream.  I was in high school, it was almost graduation time, but I was pregnant (and I had some kids –my own kids, though I never saw them in the dream).  So, I was feeling really really awful and despairing because I had no prospects for a job or any way to take care of myself, I really dreaded telling my parents about being pregnant, and I knew I just had no hope on my own.  (BTW, there was no father in this dream, it just started right there.)  Then I remembered there was a guy I knew who I thought kinda liked me, and sure enough, he was very happy with the idea of marrying me (this is a real guy I know, but I’ll keep his identity anonymous).  At first, I was relieved.  He was happy, so that made me think it would work out, but mostly I was just glad I would be taken care of.  But soon I just started feeling sick—I didn’t like this guy!  I couldn’t marry him just for his money, which is basically what it amounted to.  So, I remembered there was another guy (yes, another guy I really know) and as soon as I thought of him, I was like yay! – I like him!  So, second guy was also thrilled at the prospect of marrying me, and we were happy happy, smoochie smoochie, very excited.  For a very little while.  Until I realized that although I liked him better than I had the first guy, I didn’t love him, and I didn’t want to marry him, or be with him forever!  Again, I felt just TERRIBLE -- worse than ever.  I didn’t want to marry this guy, but I still had no other way to take care of myself and kids.  I was soooo desperate to fix things SOMEHOW, yet I just felt DOOMED when I thought of marrying this guy.  Finally, somewhere in my despair—I think I may have even half-woken up—I thought …Brett.  And immediately I was sooooooooo soooooooooooo happy.  Besides obviously knowing that he would always take care of me, I knew, deep down, that I loved him with everything I had, that he loved me, that we WANTED to be together always, that it was right.  I felt peace and transcendent happiness.  The end.

Okay, now here’s dream #2 which I had the following night.  I wanted Brett to do something with me and the kids (canoe down a river for a week or so and camp every night), and instead, he went hunting with his brother Blake.  Not only did he go hunting, but they hunted in really crazy ways, like Brett shot a deer 5 times in a row with these dart thingees, and Blake shot his deer with a video-game-like laser gun, which I thought was unfair.  (p.s. I have nothing against hunting (unless my husband wants to go when I want him to do something else))  Anyway, when they got back from hunting I started beating Brett as hard as I could.  I was just hitting and kicking and flailing him with all my might.  The end.

In and of themselves, these dreams are a little weird, but it’s the incongruency of them taken together- one after the other- that I find really amusing.

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Lynn said...

WOw. You really DO have strange dreams. Thought I was the only one. I think it's cool that you record them.

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