Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things I miss

Yes, I live in Switzerland. Yes, it's gorgeous, and it's in Europe, and it's wonderful. But in all honesty, there are plenty of things I miss. And since I'm feeling like it, I'm going to list them.

1. Garage sales. They were my favorite thing to do in the world. They were my most looked-forward to excursion of the week. They were my meaning in life.
2. Cheddar cheese. And sweetened condensed milk, and cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup, and brown sugar, and icing sugar that didn't taste weird/nasty, and icecream (yes, they have icecream here but I can't fit it into my teeny freezer), particularly mint chocolate chip which they don't have here...
3. Ice.
4. My blender.
5. My stuff. Random stuff like bags of ribbon odds and ends, or our tent, or spray paint, or my favorite books, or my sewing machine, or paper and yarn, or tools, or or or...
6. Many people in a ward that have children.
7. Being able to call my sisters or mom in the morning or most anytime I feel like it.
8. Feeling like I can drive to a place even if I've never been there before. Oh, and roads that go in straight lines.
9. Parking lots. (yes. parking lots. large free ones.)
10. Singing hymns in English. (I know many people love that they can go anywhere in the world and hear the same hymns being sung, and while it IS nice, I'd really like to read the words. Though, I could... I guess I should just pick up an English hymn book before I sit down at church.)
11. Footballs.
12. Being able to speak with strangers I meet at the park-- basically, social interaction more than just once a week at church.
13. Libraries (for free, in English).
14. Being able to read the mail (even if it is only junk or bills).

Okay, I guess that's all I've got for tonight. Switzerland is still wonderful, and I'm glad we live here, but tonight maybe you can just be grateful for me for the beauties of America, and eat a little mint chocolate-chip icecream for me.


Christine Merrill said...

I miss large, free parking lots, straight roads and being able to call my family in the morning, too!

MerryPair said...

Funny - we just had mint chocholate chip ice cream for dessert tonight. I could send you some of my junk mail if you'd like...

Lynn said...

No. 2 - I have recipes to make every single one of those items with the ingredients you DO have. IF you want them, just e-mail me. Seriously. They are SO easy and taste good! Making from scratch always tastes better in my books anyway. ; D

Tracy said...

Its okay to miss those things! I'm sorry you are missing them, sometimes we are aloud to miss wonderful things. You sound sad, I hope you aren't for too long.

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