Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just enjoy the show…

I got a little carried away the other day taking pictures of my funny, cute, crazy girls.  So obviously I couldn’t narrow them down any, so I made a little slideshow so you can see them all!  Lucky you.  :)

Here are my favorites of each for the day: DSCF6640

DSCF6586 And the show (you can click on the arrows on the bottom right corner, next to the word vimeo and it will make it bigger for you):

p.s. I took a LONG time curling their hair that morning and used lots of hairspray, and in about 10 minutes you could not even tell that it had been curled.  What am I doing wrong?  I need my pink sponge curlers that are packed in a box somewhere!!


Tracy said...

You do have such beautiful girls.

Great pictures!

Andrea said...

We did enjoy the show!

Kami said...

Loved it! I love that song too. SO fun. You're girls are adorable.

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