Monday, May 11, 2020

More September 2019

Navy loves doing filters with Jethro.

One day as I was minding my own business, pushing my cart into Wal-mart, a crazed, maniacal, weirdo came charging right at me, yelling.

It was Ethan.

It's always so cute seeing Talmage giving a ride to Wyatt from the bus stop.

Pictures of Ethne because she's cute.

 This wasn't staged, she was just looking at the flowers and the wind was blowing her pretty dress and hair around, but it was sure pretty.  Probably should have actually grabbed my nice camera for once, as these are pretty lame phone pictures, but oh well.

Mom and Dad came over because Dad was hitching up our trailer so Amy could bring her stuff in it from Arizona.

Brett was gone most (all?) of September in Pittsburgh, so Dad cut out Orrin's pinewood derby car.  (Shhh, but then we didn't even go because I was so not feeling it.)

Feeding the horses the corn cobs after eating dinner at Mom and Dad's.

My parent's horses are the most beautiful.

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