Monday, May 11, 2020

Last of September

Talmage, doing his best to keep the bikes in working order while Brett was gone.

Evening kayaking.

So Talmage went out and around a bend, and we waited.  And then we waited and waited.  And he wasn't getting back.  I wasn't worried or anything, but the guy who was with a group who came back in said, "Are you missing someone?" And I said that my son was out there somewhere.  And it was kind of getting to be dusk.  And he said, "Are you worried?"  And I was like, "Not really."  And he said, "Because if you are, I have a drone and I could see if I could find him.  So I was like, "Sure."  So he did.  And he found him pretty quick, and then he went down by him and led him home.  It was really funny when Talmage came back and we all asked him if he saw the drone, and he was like, "Yes, of course, it was right over my head.  I wondered if you called the Search and Rescue on me!"  Haha.  He said he hadn't been lost, it was just windy and he was on  his way back.

I begged my mom to play softball with us one evening.  So she did and it was beautiful.

I love our view.  This misty morning was awesome.


Snow on the mountains. 

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Kami said...

You sure picked a beautiful place to move to!

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