Thursday, March 5, 2020

First Days of School, Jethro Goes To College, Etc

Good times playing with cousins at Grandma's house!

I love Hazel's smile here. :)

Two cuties!


First day of school, so Navy and I walked all the way to the bus stop with the boys.

Talmage coming with the lunches we almost forgot on the counter. :)

It was so bright it was hard to get a picture, so we tried in front of the hay bales, but I love how their ears are all glowing.  haha

Then Navy was too tired to walk all the way back, so I called Jethro and he was the knight on shining motorcycle and came and picked her up.  What a hero!

Going to the store to get some shoes.

And Jethro's last goodbyes before going away to college.  😭

Everyone on the driveway waving goodbye as we pulled out totally had me all 😭.

We stayed the night at a friend's house in Provo (I didn't want to drive the I-15 in the morning in rush hour traffic. ugh)  It was totally fun to hang out with them.

The next morning we had breakfast at this cool waffle place.

Then we went to BYU.  WHAT.  But really, WHAT.

He loves taking pictures with me.  For sure.

His dorm.  But not actually his dorm currently.  Just the one he had for the Late Summers Honors program that he attended the week before actual classes started.

And then I just left him there.  I don't know how we got to this point, it's still wigging me out.

Looked at the new Provo temple before I left.

Then took a detour on the way home because of a crash, and passed this temple.  Driving in Utah, I tell you what.

This is the bus coming farther on the road to our house because Wyatt forgot to get off at our stop... which would be understandable except that he has TWO BROTHERS who you'd think would realize he wasn't getting off.  smh. hahaha

Navy's room.  Still, to this day.  It's the perfect size for her.  :)

I don't think I mentioned it, but Brett had to leave within a few days after we got here to go back to work in Pittsburgh.  So Chad came to help put our chairs back together.  Yay Chad!

Amy helping me unpack and organize because she's awesome!


Get-together at Megan's house for Sunday dinner.

All six sisters!

Hazel is so short in comparison with these cousins!

I didn't get pictures of them on the actual first day of school, but here are fake first day pictures.  :)  7th grade and 10th.  Highlights for Ethne are orchestra and being in math with Chad.  Highlights for Hazel are seminary -but NOT early-morning!!-- driver's ed (which she just passed her test in, yay!), Intro to Engineering, and some classes with Brynne and Garrett.


7th and 8th grade- but sizes are so far off. haha

Talmage's new kayak he bought!

And Talmage with Gracie.


Rachael said...

I loved Late Summer Honors!! That’s where I met all my closest friends at BYU. Makes me ridiculously happy to know that’s still going.

Kami said...

Good job posting Kayli!!! I love your pictures--so beautiful always.

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