Friday, April 7, 2017

Talmage turned Eight! And got baptized!

Aug. 10 / 20,21

Talmage turned eight!!  For his birthday he got a bb gun!

Trying it out.

About a week later, we drove to Philadelphia and went to the new temple's open house.

Then we got in the van and drove away from Philly to Susquehanna, PA (a day with LOTS of driving) and had some burgers for dinner and then went swimming in the hotel pool.  Navy's first swim!

The next morning we met up with the bishop (or branch president? I can't remember) of the area, and we walked down to the Susquehanna River where Joseph Smith was baptized, and Brett baptized Talmage.

These pictures are quite awful due to the dappled brightness/shade, but they'll have to do.  Two cute guys nonetheless.

Jethro played the guitar for our opening and closing songs.  It was so awesome.  And Jethro and Hazel gave the talks.

It was so special.

After Brett and Talmage changed, we went back up and walked around the LDS Priesthood Restoration history site.

The Hale house is there, where Joseph and Emma lived for a while, and a couple other things.

Everyone tried to lift the box that weighed the same as if it held the gold plates.

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Kami said...

Ahhhh.. what an awesome memory for him. They just announced in that we're no longer allowed to have baptisms at Martin's Cove. Sad. And I like Hazel's boots. And the font at the temple is really pretty.

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