Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rope swing.

Last bit of August.

Cute little sleeping girl.

I ordered a rope swing and Brett helped me get it up.  Yay!

Then everyone had to see if they could climb it and touch the top.  Ethne did pretty well, but didn't make it.

Talmage didn't make it either.  Shoes may have helped.

Orrin did not make it.  :)

Jethro didn't make it either.  It angered him.  After a few weeks, he figured out the technique and did it.

I made it!!  See how my feet have to be carefully positioned so that they took my weight (in other words, I can't just free-climb up just using my arms, like Brett.  He's tough.).

Hazel made it!

So close, Ethne!  She'd get too tired by the time she was most of the way up.

Orrin climbed in Navy's crib with her one day.  So cute.  :)

1 comment:

Kami said...

oh my goodness!!!! I want a rope swing so bad!!! those pictures are super fabulous. there's no way I'd make it to the top. I'm impressed by everyone who did.

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