Monday, April 24, 2017

First Day of School and Hazel's New Bedroom

The kids were lucky last year and school only started Sept. 6 because they were installing air-conditioning in the junior high.  I love having a long summer!  But the big day arrived and I was so happy/sad that my cutie-head little Obi was going off to Kindergarten!

Look at his adorable face!!

Holding up his 0 for Kindergarten.

These two.  I love.


Hooray for the kindergartener!!

(Reminiscent of these pictures 2 years earlier, in Switzerland with the then-kindergartener.)

(And these pictures another 3 years earlier.  Oh, my heart--it hurts a little when I look at pictures when my kids were so little.  Why do they have to grow?? sob)

Fourth grade.  Her hair was so much shorter then (seven months ago).

Gotta walk all the way to the bus stop.

Navy went to the bus-stop too that day.

Sadly I did not get any pictures of Jethro and Hazel on the first day of school, not even after they came home.  (I was a little busy, as you'll find out in the next post.)

Also, Hazel's room was completed!!

Finishing up painting the last trim, and Hazel vacuuming it.

I really, really REALLY love it.  Thanks to my sister Amy who helped me pick the wall color which is GORGEOUS and to Brett, who, you know, built the entire thing---even sawing the hole in the wall for the window.  He made the sweetest shelves built into the wall too, since I asked him nicely.  Amy also picked out the bedding and mailed it to me.

It's a little more full now, which is sad, because I loved it all open and airy, but a girl does need a dresser.  :)  I'm glad I went with light carpet, here's hoping it remains stain-less.  Anyway, I love this room.  Brett did an awesome job.

And, I'll end with a picture of Wyatt and Navy.

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Kami said...

The room is beautiful. I really love that bedding. And your boys's pictures make me think that I should put gel in Sebastian's hair everyday. Your boys look cute.

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