Saturday, February 11, 2017

I Love My Tribe 2016 - Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake the next day and had a blast.  I know I always enjoy everything when surrounded by gorgeous blue.  Blue water and blue skies is my happy place, not to mention all these rad people being there too!!

This was when Wyatt and Ethan picked me up and threw me in the lake.  They did a thorough job--took me way out and didn't just drop me in, but pushed me down so I was well-drenched. :)

Then we had an epic football game.  My personal performance was not the best, but it was so fun!!

We liked to hang out here with the babies.  Thanks Brooke, for holding Navy while I played football!

This looks like a picture of Kiersten and Hazel terrorizing Ruthie.  I approve.  ;)

 Some of the teenagers, Lindsay, and Molly.

Ana and Danica.

Kiersten, Hazel, Hailey

Wyatt, Jack, Orrin, and I'm not sure who

Lando and Sebas

Jethro pushing Will

I hereby give up on naming everyone.

Wyatt got one of these guns and played with it for hours.

I stole this one from Instagram.  #ilovemytribe2016

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Kami said...

Oh, cute pictures. Can I just copy your post since I never posted about the reunion?

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