Friday, January 20, 2017

World's Okayest Reunion

Brett and I were in charge of the reunion this year.  This is the first reunion flyer we sent out:

2016 Rasmussen Family Reunion

World’s Okayest Reunion

July 11
3:00- Check-in
Probably do a little arguing over who stays where
Bring food for your own family’s dinner that night
Play some reunionish-type games

July 12
Bring breakfast for your own family
Have kids run some races, adults eat licorice and chat
Eat some lunch
Chat a lot; little kids go throw rocks in river, run wild; older kids get bored
Some kids probably get hurt and/or get in fights
Eat some dinner
More chatting and maybe toss a ball around
Stay up late playing more reunionish-type games

July 13
Bring breakfast for your own family
Some kids go play outside in the river again, others steal some technology and hide away with it
A few more kids end up hurt, all end up dirty
Someone throws up
No dinner this night because throwing-up moves to everyone else and no one wants to eat
Lots of throwing up, mopping, laundering, etc.

July 14
Breakfast for any recuperated enough to eat it
Those who aren’t sick or wily enough to get out of it clean up
12:00- Check-out

It’s going to be great!  (Or at least okay!)  Hope you all can make it!

It was pretty well received.  ;) And for a LOOONG time after that, anything I posted on our family website only ever elicited an "that's pretty okay."

Later we sent out the real documents.


I think the picture below is L-R Danica, Katelyn, Little Megan, Miriam, Olivia, Brett.

Sweet little Navy.

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Kami said...

YAY! I"m so glad your finally posting about the reunion!!!!

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