Sunday, February 12, 2017

Amateur Rodeo

This post is from the following day (I think... check the schedule if you want to know for sure) when we did some rodeo-ing and racing.  First we got duded-up in our Cowboy and Indian outfits, boots and chaps, cowboy hats, spurs and latigo.  And we waxed our mustaches.  Kenzie's looks awesome!

I think Orrin's was my favorite.  :)

Kami's kids were going to be cowboys for Halloween, so she sewed her usual Jaw-Dropping-AMAZING costumes a little early, in time for the reunion.  She seriously slays every costume she every sets her hand to, but these ones--literally--are the best.  EVER.



Everyone got rounded up and situated.

And I hollered out the rules of the events.  That's one of the few pictures of me at the reunion. 

We began our rodeo with barrel racing, in which the participant had to take his (stick)horse and run the barrels in the standard cloverleaf pattern, and since not all of them knew the cloverleaf pattern, a helper would usually run with the little ones.  It was awesome.  Here's Ruthie with Grandma.

Lando (He's my favorite nephew)


Mr. T



The next event was the Rescue Rider race, wherein we had two lines of little kids on the far end behind a 5-gallon bucket.  One older/bigger kid (I think our "bigger" kids started at age 11/12, so some of those girls weren't exactly big...) would start running from the opposite side, get to the bucket where one kid was standing on the bucket waiting, that kid would jump on the bigger kid's back, and they'd run back.  We did it like a relay, so we just kept going through the two lines.  This was such a fun game.  

Here's Ana and Gideon (I think)

Maloree and Ruthie

Lynnaea and Talmage

This was so awesome--Myles went to get Ethne and the bucket tipped over and he tripped, but as he's a buff dude and she's a little feather-weight, he just held on to her with one hand and kept going.  I LOVE!

Her face!!  hahaha

Brynne and Lando

Megan and Devaney

Leo and Sebas

Another tumble--Emeline with Isabel

Jethro and Nattie

Oh, and this was from the previous event--the barrel racing.  Myles and Tyson lined up against each other and then daintily trotted around the barrels sidesaddle.  Hahaha!

The next event was AWESOME.  Wild Cow Milking.  In which Derek, Wyatt, and Ethan had an udder (a latex glove with tiny holes pierced in the end of the fingers, filled with water) tied to their middles, and a group of kids was to chase them down, corner them, corral them, tackle them, and otherwise get them slowed down enough to be able to "milk" them into their 2-liter bottle, then run with the water back to the judges.  It was mayhem.  It was amazing.

I like how Ethan is full-on face-planted into the ground.

Danica chasing Derek.

Still runnin'.

Still chasin'.

We had two heats--the littles and the medium-sized (teenage) kids.

Then we did classic old-fashioned foot races. 

Some of those kids can run!

That's a close call!

Kourtney beat all of us old ladies, but only because she's the youngest.  ;)  It looks like in this picture I'm neck and neck with Lindsay.  I want to say I beat her, but I don't actually remember.

Then Dad and Mom skipped down the race track together.  :)

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