Friday, January 6, 2017

Rasmussen Family Portraits

The following few posts will be our family reunions in Utah.  The Rasmussen reunion was first, and actually, the very very first thing we met for was family pictures.  All these (except the last two I think) were taken by Dani Christensen.  I was pretty sad that in all the hullabaloo I didn't get to curling Hazel and Ethne's hair, nor putting mascara on them, which I like to do for portraits.  But all's well that ends well.  And it ended with Oreos.  :)

Our family.

Our whole family.

The original family.

The four oldest grandkids with the four youngest.

Hazel's crowd.

5-year-old crowd.

The three E's.  (Emeline, Ethne, Elena)

Three E's plus Cass.  :)

Oldest set.

All the teenagers.

Me and Wyatt.


Sisters.  Lindsay is TOTALLY cheating and standing on her tiptoes, she is actually several inches shorter than me.  I am really sad, however, that we didn't take a picture of ALL the sisters, including sister-in-laws.  :(  By this time though, some people were really done and trying to get out of there, so we'll have to do it next time.

 Handsome guy with an adorable baby.

This was Derek showing Amy that he was indeed going along with the color scheme.  :)

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