Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Huge long catch-up

Some baseball playing in the backyard.

Ethne with her baby sister.


Another cutie.

Brett took this picture one morning of the moon behind the blossoms of the tree in our front yard.

Navy, ready for church.

Beautiful Baby on Blanket Below Blossoms (I should write a book)


This evening the clouds were being wonderful.

 And some of us were out enjoying it.  Isn't it so so wonderful when it's not winter and it stays light outside longer and it's beautiful weather?!

These two sillies.  Ethne is barely taller than Talmage, and he weighs more than her (not too hard to do).  :)

They were busy riding around and around.

Then they pretended to drive right into me.  Rude.


Had to steal the show.

Playing in the dirt (the garden, before we tilled it up and planted, and by we I mean Brett).

Taking their motorcycles over the jumps they dug.

This was one morning after they ate breakfast, "warming up."

I can't resist taking pictures of her when she's sleeping and looking so angelic.

Digging holes for the posts for the new shed.

These kids went with Brett to work on Take Your Kids to Work Day.  They all got to operate on a model of Jethro's knee!

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