Sunday, December 13, 2015

October things

Starting October off where we left September--with chickens.  This time they were roosting in our tree.

Sometimes the light coming through our front door makes rainbows on the walls or strategically placed children.

I scoured craigslist for a very long time and finally hit the lego jackpot.  We brought home a ton of legos and the kids were all sooooo enthralled.

I managed to pull Brett away from his projects for a couple hours one beautiful Saturday afternoon and we went on a walk.  There was a tetherball where we went, and my kids had never seen one before.  They thought it was great.

So cute playing on the trampoline.


Waiting for daddy to come on the motorcycle.

Off they go down the hill (where I want my zipline someday.)

And back this way.

Fire and tin foil dinners for dinner.  Mmm, the best dinner in the world.

And one with Jethro in it.

More lego playing.

Pumpkin carving.

I love this crazy kid.


Kami said...

Dude, Wyatt makes awesome faces. And I love the picture of all the kids lined up holding a pumpkin, and I want to know what Jethro's shirt says with the lemons. And I am SO glad you posted. Yay!

Kathleen Wagner said...

Gorgeous pictures, beautiful, funny children. I miss seeing you at the library!
I can see that things are going well :)

I found a book today that I thought might interest you...and decided to post a link.

Take care :)


Andrea said...

Jethro--no going shirtless until you have some meat on your scrawny bones. Egad, boy.

Wyatt looks SOOOOO big. I can't get over it.

Cute, cute--always all so cute.

PS You said you wouldn't ever scrape popcorn ceiling if the opportunity presented itself but I would just like to point out that I've never made tinfoil dinners with my kids or carved pumpkins because it feels like far too much effort. To each their own version of "not happening." :)

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